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  1. I wanted to post this conversation in the forums. Here is the original reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/Filmmakers/comments/40812r/steve_yedlins_obsessive_film_emulation/ Here is Yedlin's video source: http://www.yedlin.net/DisplayPrepDemo/# And here is his conversation with Mario Carvalhal: http://www.yedlin.net/160105_edit.html Very logical reasoning.
  2. Yeah, I own an A7s and a Fs700. The A7s is one of those cameras you're referring to. 12MP sensor. When shooting slog2 the lowest it will go is 3200. If I expose correctly, middle grey at 32%, per Sony's suggestion, then the low amount of noise turns out quite nice. The Fs700 is much different with a base iso of 680. I can usually live with the noise at 1250, but I don't like pushing it past that point. The noise from the Fs700 isn't as visually appealing, in my opinion, as the noise from the A7s sensor.
  3. David, that answered my question. Thanks! I'd always read in American Cinematographer people rating cameras at specific ASA's. I was always curious what process they were going through to arrive at the number. Thanks, again!
  4. Could someone walk me through the process of rating the Asa of a digital camera?
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