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  1. Thanks so much for the replies! It would be interesting to see if a super 8 could hold close enough sync even when using an entire roll.
  2. Yes. The shot would be around 2:30 in 24fps. I wasn't sure if a lot of the crystal sync motors out there for the super 8 cameras and cheaper 16 cameras could still sync at higher frame rates.
  3. Hi everybody, Shooting a 2 1/2 minute shot in slow motion (30 fps or slower) but it's a shot of someone lip syncing an entire song. I'd like to do it on 16 or Super 8 but I'm not sure what the most budget-conscious way of proceeding would be. There's definitely no way of achieving this without crystal sync, right? So any advice on the cheapest camera system that can do slow motion (at 30fps or slower) and keep sync? Thanks so much for the help! - Ez
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