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  1. In Budapest, Hungary we have two labs: as Matej said, the Hungarian Filmlab (www.filmlab.hu) is still fully operational, and we also have Focus Fox, the former Kodak Cinelab (www.focusfox.hu), they still develop and scan ECN-2. No prints though, they got rid of all of their reversal film equipment. They both offer full digital post-production services, the FilmLab became a subsidiary of the National Film Fund, and Focus Fox transitioned into a rental-house/production company, so none of them are likely to close in the foreseeable future. As a "bonus", we have an "artisan" lab that develops 16mm and 8mm, plus 35mm as long as it's shorter than a 100 feet. It's run buy a great guy who has a main job as a train machinist (I'm not joking).
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