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    Alexa Mini / Arri Amira / Red Dragon / C300m2
  1. Camblock Motion Control System 4 Axis (Pan / Tilt / Dolly and either Focus or 360 Degree Turntable) Turntable Capable of holding up to 175lbs System designed for up to Alexa SXT / Phantom 4k Flex Great for VFX, table top photography, product shots Also able to use Vertically up to 25' Everything shown in the photos is included. Not pictured is wireless Google Tablet controller. An example of some of the things you can do with this rig: https://vimeo.com/60612013
  2. Im offering this as either a full package or body only package includes everything youd need to start shooting: Dragon 6k Body PL Mount Wooden Camera Support package 15mm / V Mount Backpack (1) 256gb RedMag (2) 64gb RedMags (3) Red Bricks (1) Red Brick Charger 5" LCD TouchScreen USB3 Red Mag Reader Wooden Camera A Box Pelican 1510 Case w/ Laser Cut inserts for Dragon / Media / Etc Asking Price for the package is $24,500 Body only would be $20,500 1050 Hours reasonable offers please email me @ brandonriley600@gmail.com
  3. Thanks to both of you. Great advice. I expected nothing less. I will actually see all 3 windows. The scenario is a press conference in a municipal building with the 3 windows as the back drop. I dont necessarily need to fill them all 3 evenly from top to bottom (although that would be ideal, just not all that practical in this case)
  4. So Ive got some scenes in an upcoming feature where I really want to have big bands of light coming thru each of 3 windows. Each window is about 8 feet wide and probably 30 feet tall. Its not a very large budget, but there are a few resources. Generally speaking, would I need 12/18k HMIs in each window to get some shafts (along with haze/fog), or could I get by with some 6ks? Ill go ahead and thank David Mullen in advance
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