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  1. Other than that the motor is working fine and yes it's less than 360. Looks like I'm calling up Heden. Thanks for the response!
  2. Hey folks, I'm having an issue with my bartech that I can't seem to fix, wondering if anyone has a solution while I wait for the manufacturer to get back to me. I have the digital bartech 2.1 receiver and hand unit. When I calibrate the motor (Heden m26ve) it will go to the infinity point of the lens, but after It has finished calibrating when I go to infinity with the hand unit the motor will only go to just slightly before infinity (in this case 24' on a superspeeds mkii). A work around solution I've found is to simply let the motor jump off the gear so that the device will go further on the lens, but this is a short term solution. Has anyone seen other cases of this and if so what is the solution you've found beyond replacement of any one of he three components (tx, Rx, motor)? Neither torque adjustments, cable swaps, or power cycles seem to work. Pulling my hair out on this one!
  3. I have a producer who has some 30m daylight spools meant for a bolex that he would like to use with an Aaton LTR 54. I'm wondering if it would be possible to adapt these to the camera short of simply having them put on cores. According to the manual at the link below (on pg. 14) it's simply a matter of removing a screw. Just wondering whether anyone here has any experience with this, or if this manual is referring to a daylight spool I'm not aware of (i.e. a 100 ft version of the A-minima 200 ft reels or something like it). Thanks! http://www.my16mm.com/assets/pdfs/manuals/aatonltrman.pdf
  4. Hey folks, Had a digital bartec go down on me today, wondering if anyone had any idea as to why. Basically, hand unit and receiver seem to be having difficulty talking to each other beyond 15 ft or so. no combination of antennae, motor cable, fresh batteries etc. would fix it. Communication would drop, so motor would stop working, and when radio signal came back up motor would slowly orient itself to hand unit setting. Job is over, so can't really test whether factory reset will fix it (had new one brought in last second), so I figured I'd come here out of curiosity. Headaches!
  5. Answered my own question. Disregard!
  6. Hey Folks! I'm working as 2nd/offloader on an Alexamini shoot and was informed by our producer last minute that we'd be shooting open gate, recording to a 7q. I've worked in the past as an off loader on Alexa and had straightforward transfers with shotput. Haven't experienced arriraw workflow, so really I'm asking for the basics as my knowledge is limited in this capacity and have struggled to find answers online. Prior to transcoding (debayering), it's my understanding that arriraw records as individual frame captures. If i'm wrong, tell me. None the less, will this be reflected in the file structure that I would be downloading from the 7q (as in folders containing each individual frame) or should I expect the .mov files I'm used to when working with the EV and XT? The former seems impractical and the latter an incorrect assumption as it'd defeat the whole purpose of raw. I'm not sure where the gap in my understanding of the system lies. Would appreciate any help! p.s. First time posting. Have very much appreciated these forums as a reference for specific issues. Thanks for posting so much helpful info!
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