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  1. I have a question concerning the RED. I know it is possible to save a LUT on the RED mag (first question: how can I do it ?) and is it possible to save it in camera (so that I don't have to save it on every mag I'm using), for example if there are multiple looks I have to switch from ? Thank you for your help ! Julie
  2. Hello everyone ! I have a question about the black shading on the Alexa mini. The manual says it does it automatically and I couldn't find any precise information about it, how does it work exactly ? Does it mean that the camera does it when it is switched on ? How is it possible ? Thank you in advance for your answers ! Julie
  3. Thanks a lot ! So does it mean that even with a PL mount I won't be able, unless I have a monitor with a desqueeze option, to see the image desqueezed on set ?
  4. Hello everyone! I have a question concerning shooting anamorphic with the C300 Mark II. First is it possible ? And if it is, how can I see the image desqueezed on the LCD/VF ? I've looked at the menu and I can't find the answer. Or is there a desqueeze option on the monitor (I don't know which one I'll use) I'm connecting to the camera ? Thanks a lot ! Julie
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