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  1. Hi! I have a Bell & Howell Director Series Filmosonic super 8 camera. When I bought it it was broken but I sent it to a place to have it fixed and it was working just fine. The other day I was filming at an event and everything was working just fine until I got about halfway through the cartridge. Suddenly it just wouldn't run. I could still see the light when I pressed the test button, but other than that it wouldn't work. I thought it might have just overheated or something, so I took out the batteries, let it sit for a while, and tried it again. Still nothing. I haven't had the opportunity to test it with new batteries yet (It takes six AAs, they were all brand new when I put them in before I started filming), so I don't know if that's the problem. Here's a picture of the camera, just for reference
  2. That's the camera that I have. That knob just adjusts the lens on the viewfinder- Just to sort of adjust the clarity of the picture.
  3. Thanks for the help, but unfortunately my camera doesn't have such a switch... I haven't really been able to find much info on this particular model.
  4. I just bought a Bell & Howell Filmosonic Director Series super 8 camera and have been having some issues with it. I've never owned one of these cameras before and am a bit new to using film cameras in general, so I apologize if the resolution was glaringly obvious. I put batteries in and it ran well; the lights turned on when I tested it, but for whatever reason I can't see anything through the viewfinder. It's just black. Could something be blocking it from the inside or is it broken?
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