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  1. Photo of the kids we're teaching along with the RED
  2. Yes sir - Production is bringing the drives, but the 20TB RAID is mine. Have to spread the $$$ around as this is a mostly pro-bono shoot of a student's indy script involving 2 production companies and two pro DP's. Some is paid for with a grant, while the rest is volunteer blood sweat and tears :) Have one college Alum who is former King of the Hill and Simpsons producer. Another alum runs Red Velocity in town. Should be a fun learning experience for all. http://brackety-ack.pages.roanoke.edu/2016/02/02/interview-with-roanoke-student-for-film-creation/
  3. Thanks Satsuki - Great advice. I have a 20TB lightning RAID5 setup I may use as a primary download device. It's heavy, big, but pretty reliable. Going to stock up on a bunch of 2GB drives as well for secondary backups per your advice. I'm also planning on setting up a DIT cart with UPS for the RAID and for viewing footage on our HD monitor. Luckily our locations all have decent power, so no Gennies needed (we hope). Mac Mini may come in handy as well possibly. Cheers.
  4. Quick question for the brain trust. I'm a newbie to the board but not to the biz. Main background is in HD broadcast and TV (20 years), but I also teach film/video production at a small college. Been ASC member in the past. Working the next few weekends with 1st AC as DIT and responsible for file management for the shoot. Have a Macbook Pro and several 1TB Firewire800 / Lightning drives. For those used to working RED, wondering what the best backup workflow is for pulling 5K R3D's from Mini-Mags via a Red Station in the field? How many TBs storage should I plan for over a 48 hour s
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