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  1. Nah thats a myth. We just use it to make the city sound better and help the economy
  2. It's a long shot, but i figure I would start one for Cleveland. Anybody from the Cleveland or Ohio area?
  3. It is probably late since I just saw your post, and its a week old, but Cleveland has one main Rental house and thats Cleveland Camera Rental ( Cleveland Camera Rental) ... I used them before, their cool. They also have a camera store Dodd that rents out gear but they are more expensive. I herd there used to be some people with grip trucks in the area, but not so much anymore, although i can't say for 100 percent sure. There are plenty of AC/gaffers to with/ and without gear around though, I know of some if you want send me message and I'll forward your email to them. I just finished film sc
  4. I am from Cleveland, so now there is 2 Ohio filmmakers on the forum.
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