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  1. Hi all, Just posting this here having previously received some invaluable insight on diffusion filters from the forum before. Please forgive me if this request is inappropriate for general discussion, I will post in a different section if that's more suitable. I am primarily a photographer, but wanted to do an image series based on stills from old (but not necessarily ancient) Camcorder footage. I was looking for possible second hand equiptment options, and came across the Sony Digital 8 cameras, and noticed they have an option for 'stills' - seemingly to take single shot photos as
  2. Many thanks for this - would you recommend a white pro mist over a black promist? I was under the impression the blacks held contrast better but I could very well be mistaken
  3. Many thanks for your feedback - I have used some Bronica and Hasselblad lenses (which may be sharper than what you are referring to, and therefore not relevant to your point) but almost found them too 'good'/sharp in a way, even at quite open apertures. It's certainly something I will look into trying again though with other makes.
  4. Hi all, Firstly, full disclosure: the question I am looking for advice on relates to still, rather than moving image. If this is is inappropriate please feel free to delete this thread and my account from the site. The reason I am posting here though is I am looking for advice on filters which seem to predominantly be used in film by Tiffen and Schneider, rather than photography. Screw in versions for dslrs etc are available (of black pro mist, soft fx, hollywood black magic filters etc) but all my local hire places stock only the versions used for video equipment, and enquiries on pho
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