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  1. Thanks Uli! But it needs to be slowed down in post etc to get the slow motion effect... sorry - could you explain more? Don't understand. Thanks
  2. Thanks for getting back to me and the examples. I've just done a test at 30 FPS and then slowed it down by 80% in a 25FPS project. And I went through frame by frame and every second one of the frames repeats itself every second. This is what I was hearing. Thoughts? Uli Meyer - how did you get past this? Thanks, Charlie
  3. Hey, Wanted to some advice on getting a very slight slow motion effect for a music video. Don't want to do it at 50FPS as is too slow. Thoughts on using 33 Frames per second or 30 Frames per second??? Not a lot online about it and people say the footage ends up being choppy/skips a frame. But see on 'A Ghost Story' they shot the ghost at 33 FPS (https://www.theverge.com/2017/7/14/15969746/a-ghost-story-director-david-lowery-interview-casey-affleck-rooney-mara - early on in the article). Would love some advice/thoughts on how to go about this. The singer will also be doing some performance - so will be speeding the track up slightly depending on the frame rate. Thanks! Charlie
  4. Hi, Shooting on the Red Dragon this weekend and LCD screen not working...! If I move the camera slightly and am lucky the monitor flickers on for a minute, then if I move the camera it loses picture. Have attached a picture of what it looks like! Tried the obvious - changing cables etc, turning off camera, done a hard restore. Would love any advice! Supposed to be using the thing today... Thanks - really appreciate it!
  5. You think they're fluorescent bulbs in the chandelier???
  6. Hi! Just seen 'Next Floor' shot by Nicolas Bolduc. Interested to hear how you guys think it was lit...? Is the main source/the chandelier fluorescents??? Thanks!
  7. Hi, Doing a shoot at a large old property. The room we are shooting in has loads of expensive paintings and tapestries (some worth 1m +). Wanted to check if it's safe to use haze??? Anyone had previous experience/problems with anything like this? Thanks!
  8. Hi, Using the Sony A7RII for a shoot tomorrow. Have an external HDMI monitor and when I try to record 4K the internal sony monitor goes black... Any help? THANKS!
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