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  1. I'm not buying any more cameras off ebay. Just too many are defective or absolute junk. I'll watch the various garage sales and Flea Markets this summer. In previous years I saw a lot of vintage cameras for cheap. At $1 to $10 a camera, one can afford some mistakes.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I think this one will go back to the ebay seller. I paid $55 for it and it will cost me $20 to return it. Lesson learned. I purchased 6 vintage cameras off ebay the last couple months and all had issues. Most were junk. Sold AS IS. I'm glad Paypal protects buyers.
  3. I just purchased a Canon Cine Zoom model 512 8mm camera off ebay and the spring driven mechanism makes a clunk sound and locks up. Is this camera worth fixing? Who would you recommend if it is worth it. Thanks
  4. I'm just getting back into 8mm & 16mm filming. I stopped doing this back in the 70's. I'm wondering, are projection lamps still available for all projector brands....even the old hand crank versions? If so, where? Thanks
  5. One of the things I like most about my Vitascope is the fact it is cheaply made. I wanted that very old looking effect to the film. I plan to experiment with all types of film from new to very old expired.
  6. WOW! This is stupendous, thanks! I knew I'd have to transfer double 8 to the proper spool. Thanks for the tip on the spool needed. I plan to use the camera on a vintage wooden tripod. The color of my example is a very dark green hammered look. It's missing some paint and about 40% of the decal. But otherwise looks functional.
  7. Thanks a lot, Dave. My camera arrived today and looks great. I'm also going to try double 8mm film as I've had several people tell me it will work. One just has to be careful treading it due to more perforations. I lined it up with old 2R 16mm stock and the holes line up and the width is identical. Double 8 should work. We'll see.
  8. I'm looking for the type of B&W film I need, and a source for that film (hopefully the lowest cost source). I posted below that I just purchased an old 1931 VITASCOPE 16mm Hand Crank Movie Camera. This is a very simple 16mm camera that uses 2-sided B&W 16mm film. I need to find a source for this film. Also, I want a film type I can develop myself at home and run on a vintage 16mm movie projector. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. Thanks very much for your reply. It's most helpful.
  10. WOW! Thanks a lot! This told me a lot. I'm thinking it's most likely 2R film but was kinda hoping it was the more modern type. I'll know when it arrives in a few days. I like the idea of imperfect filming. I have excellent video cameras for all the realism I'll ever need. But personally, I find them quite boring. Thanks again
  11. I recently purchased a 1930's VITASCOPE 16mm Hand Crank Movie Camera. It's in the mail so I don't have it in hand at this time. I like to produce "artistic" and primitive B&W silent films. I'm just starting to use vintage crank cameras. Questions: Dose anyone here have experience with the VITASCOPE 16mm Hand Crank Movie Camera? What film do you use? Any tips on using it? Any information on the VITASCOPE would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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