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  1. Up for sale is my personal set of Zeiss/Opton Super-speed lenses. Ready to shoot. There are Five (5) Zeiss/Opton Super-speed, super 35mm full frame lenses. They are MkI/MkII glass. All PL mounts. All in near outstanding shape. With 80mm fronts, and follow focus. Recently thoroughly serviced in New York, and available for a check out. They are as follows; 25mm - T1.2 - 11, 35mm - T1.2 - 11, 50mm - T1.3 - 11, 85mm - T1.4 - 11, 135mm - T2.0 - 16 Plus 18mm Lomo wide T1.5 - 22 The last one is a Lomo lens, of very high standard glass. It was bought and added to the Zeiss/Opton set, because the glass was comparable. (The only drawback to this set is that the 18mm Lomo has a 110mm front as opposed to the 80mm fronts of the Zeiss/Opton. Thus an additional matte box.) This make it a six lens set. Front & rear caps and carry case included. $29,500.00 US$ woftam@erols.com email for service report, greater details, and more photos.
  2. For sale is my personal Lomo anamorphic round front set: 35mm Lomo Anamorphic T2.4, PL-mount 50mm Lomo Anamorphic T2.4, PL-mount 75mm Lomo Anamorphic T2.4, PL-mount All lenses are optically and mechanically in perfect condition with smooth aperture and focus operation. All have stainless PL-mounts, and focus gear rings. No scratches, no fungus, The lenses are ready for shooting. Also included: 2 Cases, front and rear caps. New York City checkout can be arranged. Price: $25,000.00 Contact woftam@erols.com
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