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  1. thanks, but I'm talking about taking a still photo and how to convert it
  2. I saw a stills photographes of a photographer and I saw that the color was amazing and then I looked on the exif data and I saw that the color space of the image is YCBCR, so I wanted to ask 2 question:\ 1) is this matter connected to the colors? 2) if yes, how do you shoot YCBCR or convert the RGB photo to YCBCR color space?
  3. ok but which lens do you recommend and how do I set up my lens to focus infinity? and does it more easy to track 4K footage then regular HD footage?
  4. ok so how do u call this aeroplane but for kids? and do you know mechanical tracking device that can do this job?
  5. thanks. but 4K there is the problem the object gets out of focus.
  6. I needed to do a project and shoot sky surfers, but the issue was that I tried to shoot it with a DSLR and I failed to track focus and to stabilized the shot on the shoot itself because the skysurfer moves very fast and he's getting on and off from the depth of field of the camera. so I went and rented Panasonic 160 and again the same problem to track focus. It was way way better from the DSLR because this camera has a back focus. and another problem was shooting with a shoulder mount because my hands got very exhausted after 5 minutes straight. so I asked the man on the rental shop what to do, he said I need to rent the PMW350 it's for sports and It will track focus. but this cameras rent is high it's like 250$ so do you know other cameras that can track focus or have continues AF Here is the footage from the P160: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MFx39vp1NDM&feature=youtu.be
  7. nice movie daniel, all shot with no tripod just the LCD view finder?
  8. I saw to products more cheeper like the: Kamerar QV-1 LCD Viewfinder Tarion TR-V1 VF4 LCD View Finder
  9. ok but in which industry people use this increment I know everybody works with the regular shutter increments
  10. yes but I know but sometimes you have situation you put on less/more then 180 degrees?
  11. I saw a bunch of reviews and I wanted to buy one. I know that zacuto is the best in the market but which one do you use? suggestion and comments?
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