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  1. Thanks for that thought. I'd like to communicate directly to EF lenses, yes. I'm sure the FZ mount on the F3 is physically the same as F5/55, just wondering if the software in the F3 will control the very new Metabones FZ - EF. Metabones site only states 'tested on F5/55', although other sources (including B&H) suggest it should work on all FZ mounts. Just want to be sure before shelling out $1000 USD's. I've emailed Metabones, so hopefully I'll get a reply. Thanks Macks!
  2. I have an F3. Wondering if the new Metabones T CINE FZ to EF adapter works on the F3? Not just in theory...but has anyone tried & tested it? Is the FZ mount and camera connectivity the same on F3 as F5/55?
  3. Must have the full CBK-RGB01 444 & slog upgrade (not just the slog). Price has to be reasonable, and condition at least 'very good' with no known faults. Prefer privately owned, not ex rental. I'm based in Melbourne, Australia, and will of course pay for shipping. Can pay via PAYPAL. Message me if interested. Matt
  4. Looking to buy the SXS card RGB444 upgrade for an F3...if the price is reasonable.
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