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  1. Thanks Mr Mullen, you've given me so much more to write about now! Colour casting or light spread were two things I completely forgot about but are so vital. Mr Hartman, no there is no restriction. As this is an open research assignment, it can cover anything and my goal was to look into anything/everything to do with diffusion gels. Modern or Archaic
  2. Hi everyone, I am a student currently writing about diffusion filters in a short research topic for my BA course. I was wondering if anyone could think of any topics extra I could cover or speak about in more depth. So far Ive spoken about: basic introduction to difference between soft and hard light the various diffusion gels available, EG Frosts, Silks, White diffusions and Grid clothes etc. the results of these gels the effects of strong vs weak diffusion on the tone of a model The visible transmission and light absorption of diffusion gels The effects of increasing and decreasing the gel position in relation to the light and model The pros and cons of Heat resistant vs non heat resistant gels how strong diffusion can be used to combine multiple light sources and some difference in quality between brands What else can I talk about? Thanks Matt
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