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  1. Hi everyone! So i recently won a video competition and i have entered another one and have been shortlisted. Unfortunately this one is based on popular vote (so if you have a spare 2 mins you can vote for me here http://videocontest.brosway.com/en/content/like/add/call/92269/1555?em= ) Though competition money can be very good, do you think they are worth entering or do you think really work will always prevail over online video contests?
  2. Hi there, I was recently watching MR ROBOT and there were two scenes which were caught my eye in the way that they were lit, however I have little ideas as to how they did it! I have uploaded screen shots here : https://www.facebook.com/bradley.shaw.104/media_set?set=a.10209473549450552.1073741857.1080325641&type=3 Please if any one could shine some light onto this it would be much appreciated! Thanks, Bradley
  3. WATCH VIDEO HERE: So not to long ago I attended a Black Tie Event to create an after movie. I used a 7D (normally 5D) and created this piece. Admittedly I was very strapped for time when editing, however I would really appreciate some feedback. Perhaps the weaknesses of my shots, what you guys would of done differently and how I can improve on in future videos. I am looking to do weddings and more black tie events in the future. T Thank you.
  4. Hi In a few weeks I am starting my first on set, television Drama work experience as a camera assistant on DCI Bank at ITV Yorkshire. I was wondering if anyone has some advice on what to do and how to prepare well for this experience as I am wanting to gain more work after this!
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