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  1. We develop all reversal B@W and ORWOCHROM films, 2x8mm, Super8, 16mm. We ship worldwide. Low prices, short time. Poland, Europe. http://8mm-16mm-film-developing.com/
  2. I develop new and expired reversal 8mm and 16mm films, black and white - ORWO (ORWO UP15, UP21, UP32), ADOX, FOMA, KODAK etc. Go to: http://www.8mm-16mm-film-developing.com/index.html I develop for Customers from all the world. I develop films exposed even 40 years ago. I happened to develop film exposed in 1965 with success! It is possible to obtain good image from such films. I specialize in the developing of such films - have decades of experience. I treat each film individually, depending on age and type of a film. I make the chemistry baths on my own, adapting to the age of the film. Of course I develop new films in the normal process also.
  3. Hello, look at http://www.8mm-16mm-film-developing.com/index.html This is my website. I develop all 2x8mm, Super8, 16mm films B&W and ORWOCHROM. I develop expired - even 30 years - and new films. You can buy expired but good ORWO B&W films on low prices (about 7 EURO for one 2x8mm roll) also. Look: http://www.film16mm.pl/16mmsale.html#link5012 You can translate this site using Google Translator. Feel free to ask.
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