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  1. I'm just wondering if anybody could break down this scene in terms of lighting for me. Im shooting a short film for somebody next week and would love to achieve this sort of lighting set up. what i'm looking for is Light ratio Temperature softlight/hardlight Colour Gels Filters Lights that are believed to be used colour scheme Practical lights lighting position If anybody could help me out it would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  2. Id like to thank everyone thats has posted a response, you have all helped me out so much. thank you to you all if anyone else reads this feel free to post, every little bit of information helps thanks
  3. new to this site and need a bit of help on the topic of luts I am currently studying Filmmaking at the Northern Film school in Leeds, UK. I am writing an essay on Luts and can't seem to get my head around them. Is there anyone in this community that can explain them in the most simplistic way? Here is where i am at with my research in a nutshell. A LUT takes an input value and generates a new output value, which i kind of get. So would Sonys Slog3 be classed as a LUT, and would REC 709 be classed as a LUT. if anyones does respond, please could you make the explanation as simple as possible. Thanks for taking the time to Read, much appreciated.
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