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  1. Thanks Giacomo! The 'flat' look came from the luts which lifted blacks and made shadows more uniform, in some cases atually quite extremely but helped with hiding artefacts and reducing noise Still agree that I threw away information in the shadows.. film covert works better but never gives me quite the same colors I get from luts
  2. Hey, I have 2 travel films here, one from Vietnam and another from Sicily. Whenever visiting foreign places I like to shoot as much as I can to practise framing etc. I like to go for this documentary style while still trying to be artistic. I am also a freelance illustrator so that's where that's coming from Basically, not 'real' cinematography practise which would include lighting, blocking etc. but more about finding composition/moods and then editing Hope you like, they are both short Vietnam: Sicily:
  3. thanks a lot Mark! Interesting to see how tastes differ: posted this in another board and people couldn't stand even the slightest handheld motion I kept in.
  4. Matthew: appreciate it, thanks! The grading was done quite quickly I must say, just slapped on the luts and adjusted levels a bit. Still figuring out what's the best way... this was VLog footage which I added the Panasonic Vlog-V709 Lut to and then Visioncolor ones. Landon: many thanks. Love the Gh4 and the standard lens. But yes, definitely want to get a better lens and/or a speedbooster so i can also use my cinelenses ^^
  5. Hi my name is Lorenz Hideyoshi and I am a filmmaker from Berlin. I'd like to present a little cinematography practise film that was shot on the GH4, more info is in the description. Any feedback would be appreciated, thanks for viewing :) L
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