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  1. Hey,


    I have 2 travel films here, one from Vietnam and another from Sicily.

    Whenever visiting foreign places I like to shoot as much as I can to practise framing etc.

    I like to go for this documentary style while still trying to be artistic. I am also a freelance illustrator so that's where that's coming from


    Basically, not 'real' cinematography practise which would include lighting, blocking etc. but more about finding composition/moods and then editing


    Hope you like, they are both short











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  2. Matthew: appreciate it, thanks! The grading was done quite quickly I must say, just slapped on the luts and adjusted levels a bit. Still figuring out what's the best way... this was VLog footage which I added the Panasonic Vlog-V709 Lut to and then Visioncolor ones.


    Landon: many thanks. Love the Gh4 and the standard lens. But yes, definitely want to get a better lens and/or a speedbooster so i can also use my cinelenses ^^

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