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  1. Thanks for the reply Brian Drysdale, I am actually in the process of checking these routes as well, although it is really hard to get access to these kinds of funds in my Country and would require a lot of steps and time which i feel would be unnecessary. I think i would prefer to take the crowdfunding route and personal funds to make it happen, which would give more flexibility in the whole process rather than having a set of rules in order to gain access to Government or EU funds. It will still be like other regular Short Film Crowdfunding Campaign but with more in depth explanations on th
  2. Hi everyone, I will start by saying that I have always had a passion about Filmmaking. I have always wanted to go to Film-school but due to lack of funds that dream may never become a reality. On the other hand I believe that anyone can learn Filmmaking but practicing, researching and trial and error. Nowadays anyone can pick up a camera and start shooting. The problem is that it is really hard to find people willing to sit down and teach (mentor) you on some aspects of Filmmaking that are hard to grasp on your own and will make the learning curve and time longer and harder. That's why I
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