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  1. Hi Gregg & Dom. Thanks for your responses! Dom, yes there is more play on the second handwheel. I've managed to adjust to minimal play on the smart side with the eccentric tensioner at the bottom of the swing arm belt. I will enquire with Chrosziel directly. If/when I have any more definitive information I will report back :) Cheers!
  2. I have a Chrosziel 203-01 dual sided Film and Video Studio FF. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/458980-REG/Chrosziel_AC_203_01_Film_Video_Studio_Follow_Focus.html The smart side has about 0.5mm backlash/play at the drive gear meshing with the lens, which I think is probably acceptable & normal, but the dumb side has double that. Ideally I'd like zero play of course, but I wondered if anyone knows how to adjust the play or point me in the direction of a service manual online somewhere? I'm mechanically minded and could just dive in and disassemble, or have a play with that crescent cut, screw-locked dial, but prefer to have an idea of the correct procedure! Mitch Gross was kind enough, in a PM, to give me some pointers for the smart side (essentially adjusting that that screw locked dial - an eccentric tensioner adjustment for the internal belt in the swing arm), but he hadn't ever adjusted anything for the dumb side, although he thought the grease might have dried up leaving some gaps and hence play. Many thanks for any info! Eric
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