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  1. Great looking set. Tough to find good 35, 135, and 21 in MM.
  2. Still have the Viewfactor Origo and the Bartech Analog Motor Cable $100 for Origo. $50 for the Bartech Cable.
  3. Element Technica EVF Leveler Package -- $350 Shipped for Set - ET Eyepiece Leveler - $175 - RED EVF BOMB Viewfinder Extension - $175 (O'Connor bracket in photo not included) PM with offers mbentgroup + gmail
  4. Angenieux 70-210 F3.5 Zoom Lens - Leica R Adapted to Canon - UV Filter - Focus Rings The F3.5 is consistent throughout zoom range. Also has good short focus macro. Manual Iris/Focus/Zoom but still very lightweight for this range. Smooth rings and good amount of focus/zoom travel vs most DSLR Lenses. Love the look, resolves nicely. Don't know of any other zoom that compares without going PL or big $$ for manual control. $1000 OBO PM or Email mbentgroup + gmail
  5. Bump up. MDR DTap Power - $60 Arri S/S Power - $85 RED One S/S - $65 Looking for offers on the Origo.
  6. Pricing includes shipping to US. Fedex avail. Preston MDR 1 or 2: DTap Power Cable (4Pin Lemo) - $60 NEW Red One Stop Start (RS422) - $75 NEW Arri Power + Stop/Start (3 Pin Fischer) - $100 Bartech: MOne, Loon, Etc Analog Motor Cable - $50 Viewfactor: Origo Stop Start Trigger with RT Angle Cable - $125 OBO PM or Email: mbentgroup + gmail + com
  7. Adding a Switronix 4 Way V-Mount Charger -- $800 OBO https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/592184-REG/Switronix_XC_4LSRED_XC_4LSRED_4_Position_RED.html All monitors are sold. Still have the Filters, O'Connor AKS, MDR Cables, and Bartech (pending a few offers).
  8. 138mm One-Stop -- $225 (open box new) 138mm Circ Pola -- $200 Formatt 4x5.65 Hot Mirror -- $200 Dovetail -- $200 Dropping the Bartech down to $3750. Teradek Kit for $1800. I'll start a new thread and divvy these up a little for ease of searching.
  9. $3850 for the Bartech with case. Also have: 138mm Schneider One-Stop Circular Polarizer (Drop-In) 138mm Schneider Circular Polarizer (Drop-In) 12" Element Technica Dovetail (Arri Style)
  10. TVLogic Sold. $3900 for Bartech with the case. $3850 without. $1900 for the Teradek. Panasonic, Teradek, and Bartech prices include shipping if you're in the US.
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