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  1. Still available..Price for the set reduced to $3700 Loads more info and detailed pictures of each lens here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0Bx...ndRMmFZQ1VNSWs Thanks, Andy
  2. If you're interested in buying individual lenses here's what I'm looking for for each one: 21mm 2.8, MMJ - $1450 ONO 25mm 2.8, AEG - $400 ONO 35mm 1.4, MMJ - $1350 ONO 50mm 1.4 (de-clicked), AEJ - $300 ONO 85mm 1.4, MMJ - $500 ONO 100mm (Macro) 2.8, AEJ - $500 ONO
  3. Howdy chaps..I've had a few questions about breaking up the set. Happy to sell lenses individually for the right price.. Thanks, Andy
  4. Sorry, a typo in the original post.. it's a 25mm not 28mm. And here are the details of the AE/MM and country of manufacture: 21mm 2.8, MMJ 25mm 2.8, AEG 35mm 1.4, MMJ 50mm 1.4 (de-clicked), AEJ 85mm 1.4, MMJ 100mm (Macro) 2.8, AEJ
  5. Thanks, Gary. I'm in East Hollywood if he wants to come and take a look at them. Cheers, Andy
  6. Beautifully crisp C/Y Lenses. Bought for a week long shoot, and not used since. Looking for $4750 ONO. Lenses are in Los Angeles, CA, available for viewing. Happy to answer any questions.. Here's what you get: 21mm 2.8 28mm 2.8 35mm 1.4 50mm 1.4 (de-clicked) 85mm 1.4 100mm (Macro) 2.8 Includes: Mutar 2x Converter (Double the focal length of any lens) Removable gears x3 C/Y to EF adapter x2 C/Y to Sony E-Mount (Use these on A7s, A7r etc) Peli Case Pics are of the actual lenses. Thanks!
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