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  1. My plan is to go from D-tap from V-mount to Cannon 4 pin. I'm either going to use the original camera mount that runs along side the mad or devise something else.
  2. Hi Samuel. Yes, I've visited Les Bosher's site and e-mailed him. It's hard to tell from the photos on his site if he uses the C-mount or TS mount for his adapters. I've got tons of base plates, dove tails rods, lens supports, etc, from other camera rigs so I'm not worried about that right now, just the adapter.
  3. Hi everyone. I just bought an Eclair ACL II. I've contacted AZ Spectrum, Visual Products, and Les Bosher and am waiting for responses but was also wondering if anyone knows of and adapter to go from the Eclair's TS mount to PL lens. I can't seem to find anything other than C-mount to PL and that just seems too risky as far as stress on the threads. Spoke to Bernie at super16inc and he is going to do the conversion to U16mm and suggested I look on eBay for adapters but I can't find any. Thanks. dp
  4. Just an update. I picked up an Eclair ACL 2. I appreciate all the input from everyone. It's in good working conditions and has 2x400' French mags. I've checked with Bernie at Super16 Inc about CLA and super 16 or ultra 16 mod. I'll probably run a couple of 100's through it as a test before sending it to him but I'm crazy excited about working with it. Planning to get a PL adapter for it as well. I have a set of Schneider Xenon Fps I want to use with it. The battery belt that came with it though is a Bescor lead acid pack that doesn't seem to charge though. I'm using an AC power source from my Ursa Mini right now but couldn't I use a V-mount battery throughout the Cannon plug for battery source?
  5. No worries. I'm well aware of the fact that focal length is not changed by image plane size. I have a set of Schneider Xenon FFs.
  6. Thanks for the input guys. Looks like I'm the new owner of an Eclair ACL! Going to pick it up today. Now, need to get it CLAed and PL adapter.
  7. Hi Greg. Yes, I found one in a used camera shop recently and spent some time messing with it. The person running the shop that day knew nothing about it. The owner of the shop was on vacation but when he got back I asked him about it. He said it's there on consignment and would find out what the owner wants for it. He's having a hard time finding the owner right now but knows who it is. The camera was actually used to make a movie by its original owner at a local university. I'm hoping this week I can get a price on it. He says the owner has accessories but in the shop all it has is one 200' mag attached to it and that's all, no power or batteries. The eye piece seems a little wonky to me. I had a hard time adjusting the level of the image. As I'm sure you know, and I discovered, there is a ring that rotates and turns the image based on how you have the eyepiece oriented. That mechanism seemed to work inconsistently but i was able to level the image regardless of how I positioned the eyepiece. So far the responses you guys have given me are a great help and much appreciated. I'm really hoping I can get it. The shop owner wants to get it out of there, just a matter of confirming a price from the camera owner. Any online resources you guys know of would be great. I've found a couple already. Thanks.
  8. Thanks Heikki. I was wondering about the ability to adapt PL lenses to the ACL. I have PL Schneider so that is a what I'm looking for. dp
  9. I’m looking at a couple of 16mm options, an Eclair ACL or a Canon Sccopic. I know the Scoopic is geared towards news gathering but what are your thoughts on the two for narrative work? Any pitfalls in each I should look out for, pros and cons? Thanks. dp
  10. Thanks for the props Samuel and I certainly appreciate you sharing it with anyone you think would appreciate it. dp
  11. Hi Samuel. The image was stabilized, for the most part, in the scan. I used Pro8mm.com I also stabilized some of the shots in post. I cut in FCPX.
  12. Hey gang. I recently finished up a music video shot on Super 8. It was shot in one 12 hr day and use 7 carts of film. The video can be seen here: http://daveperry.net/portfolio/god-of-hell/ I wrote a blog post about it here: http://daveperry.net/5288-2/ There are some obvious lessons learned from the shoot but I'm looking forward to another one ASAP. Your thoughts wold be appreciated. Thanks. dp
  13. Hey folks. Looking for a suitable WA adapter for my Canon AZ 814. I've read in some places that I will need a lens that has a macro setting to be able to use some of the adapters. The lens on the AZ 814 does not but will the Canon C-8 adapter work well with it? Thanks.
  14. Nick, just got a response from Robert at Cinelab and he sent me pricing for telecine (which I would never do) but not LOG scanning. I contacted Gamma Ray also. Too bad they don't process the film also. I like the convenience of fewer shipments. Thanks for the info.
  15. Hi Chris. So far, from what I can tell, Cinelab is more expensive. I've reached out to them for clarification on pricing. I'm a colorist as well, and it's anywhere from 1-2 stops under. Too much for my purposes. Boosting luma brings out too much grain.
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