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  1. The exterior that you see is the swimming pool area. We might use the pool to bounce the light. We won't see the entrance. :)
  2. That's a perfect spot! Extra ambience might be good ! Thank you ;)
  3. Okay. I will do just that. And you're right about the temptation to overlight. Gotta keep it simple. Thank you Stuart!
  4. Thank you David! How would you use the paper lantern in that scene? Will you use it as a global lighting or key light for actors? :)
  5. I need some suggestions on how to light up this scene. (This scene will take place during nighttime) We will have some wide shots and a Over-the -shoulder shot between the receptionist (who will be sitting) and the guest. We want it to be warm and inviting. Maybe add more lamps? Blue gels to fake moonlight? Im sorry I took these during daytime. Wide Reception Area - The main area We have access to some dedo lights,LED,Arri (300,800) and KinoFlos (4 Banks) I really want to thank you in advance. :)
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