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  1. Lobby looks to be two stories tall. It helps when location photos also include the upper walls and ceilings. Will the camera ever face he entrance? Have you given any thought to the need to light at least part of the exterior? Otherwise in any shot in that direction, the door and upper windows will appear to be just a black hole.

    The exterior that you see is the swimming pool area. We might use the pool to bounce the light. We won't see the entrance. :)

  2. Definitely think about adding more tungsten practicals - floor lamps and table lamps with light colored shades. A prime spot would be where that potted plant is in the middle of the lobby. Then a large soft tungsten key light for the scene at the reception desk. Maybe set the camera's white balance to 4300K so the tungsten goes warmer.


    It might also be good to add a large soft tungsten toplight for extra ambience. Maybe a few Lekos or Parcans on the balcony punched into the ceiling if it's white?

    That's a perfect spot! Extra ambience might be good ! Thank you ;)

  3. I'd go back to the location at night, and see what the existing lighting looks like. Take some stills on a dSLR that's setup the same as your movie camera, and see what it looks like as is. Then you can make decisions on what extra lighting you think you'll need.


    Keep it simple. Try to let the practicals do the work for you, and only add lamps where necessary. The temptation is often to overlight, when perhaps just some low-level fill or backlight is all that's needed.

    Okay. I will do just that. And you're right about the temptation to overlight. Gotta keep it simple. Thank you Stuart!

  4. I need some suggestions on how to light up this scene. (This scene will take place during nighttime)

    We will have some wide shots and a Over-the -shoulder shot between the receptionist (who will be sitting) and the guest. We want it to be warm and inviting. Maybe add more lamps? Blue gels to fake moonlight?


    Im sorry I took these during daytime.





    Reception Area - The main area




    We have access to some dedo lights,LED,Arri (300,800) and KinoFlos (4 Banks)


    I really want to thank you in advance. :)

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