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  1. Hey guys,

    I read somewhere in the internet:

    "A 1/4 pro mist (black or white) will be much stronger on a 85mm lens than it will be on a 25mm lens. A common formula for using Pro Mist Filters is 1/2 Promist for 18mm and wider, the 1/4 Pro Mist for 25mm - 35mm lenses, and 1/8 for 50mm and above"

    I wonder what you think about that, because I would think the opposite: I would use a stronger intensity of diffusion filter for the closer shots and a lesser intensity for the wider shots.




  2. Hey everyone, 

    I am going to shoot some scenes with an actor ,who is one head taller than me.  The scenes demand for a handheld/should rig set-up.  

    When the actor is not moving, I can stand on an Apple Box.  Moving shots when I need to follow him are tricky though if I want to keep him on eye level. Any advice ? ?





  3. Hey guys,


    I am going to shoot a short next week. One scene includes the actor looking at emails on his computer screen. I wonder what is the best way to shoot it:


    - Everything real (this might result in flickering)


    - Insert the email afterwards in the whole frame


    - Film the computer with a green screen and insert the emails later


    I am looking forward to hearing about your experiences




  4. Hi Stuart,

    I am trying to achieve the same thing.

    What exactly do you mean with cool white tubes ? Are they film lights and where can I get them from ?

    Many thanks,



    Those look like cool white tubes, which are around 4300k, so you'd need to white balance to 3200k to get that blue/green look. If you wanted a more extreme blue/green look, you could try using daylight balanced tubes, although they are sometimes not as green as cool white.

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