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  1. Hey guys, I wonder if two smaller units e.g. two 2k lamps pushed through a diffusion frame will give the same light output as one lamp 4k pushed through the same frame. Best regards, Daniel
  2. Hey guys, I read somewhere in the internet: "A 1/4 pro mist (black or white) will be much stronger on a 85mm lens than it will be on a 25mm lens. A common formula for using Pro Mist Filters is 1/2 Promist for 18mm and wider, the 1/4 Pro Mist for 25mm - 35mm lenses, and 1/8 for 50mm and above" I wonder what you think about that, because I would think the opposite: I would use a stronger intensity of diffusion filter for the closer shots and a lesser intensity for the wider shots. Best,Daniel
  3. Many young DPs don't use lightmeters anymore and rely on camera tools for exposure. Do you guys use lightmeters? I am about to get one :) Best regards, Daniel
  4. Hey everyone, I am going to shoot some scenes with an actor ,who is one head taller than me. The scenes demand for a handheld/should rig set-up. When the actor is not moving, I can stand on an Apple Box. Moving shots when I need to follow him are tricky though if I want to keep him on eye level. Any advice ? ? Best, Dan
  5. thanks for your replies. I meant more if I do not want to give a priority to a certain character, rather if their relationship is neutral.
  6. If there is one actor is sitting and the other one standing: At which height do you put the camera. at eye level of the actor we are seeing at eye level of the actor they are speaking to (which I found a bit exegeratted) or at eye level slightly below or above eye level to give the sense of the height of the actor they are speaking to
  7. Hey guys, I wonder what is the best way to light a medium size room, which you cannot light through windows, because it is on the fourth floor. It should be high contrast and moody daytime atmosphere. Best, Daniel
  8. How do I do the comping ? Do I need to put something green on the computer screen or is it sufficient if II switch the computer off. Also would it be possible If have shot it real to adjust it afterwards ?
  9. Hey guys, I am going to shoot a short next week. One scene includes the actor looking at emails on his computer screen. I wonder what is the best way to shoot it: - Everything real (this might result in flickering) - Insert the email afterwards in the whole frame - Film the computer with a green screen and insert the emails later I am looking forward to hearing about your experiences regards, Daniel
  10. Hi Stuart, I am trying to achieve the same thing. What exactly do you mean with cool white tubes ? Are they film lights and where can I get them from ? Many thanks, Daniel
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