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  1. Question? I recently had a "Snip Test" done on expired film and the test came back unusable. The readings were: Kodak-5248-Red-39, Green-100, Blue-148 Kodak-5284-Red-62, Green-117, Blue-160 Could this stock still be exposed for Camera test? Nate
  2. Dom, Thank you so much! "If it would have been a snake, it would have bitten me". :rolleyes: Nate
  3. I currently own a K-3 16mm camera that came with 5 ND filters. I'm trying to label them for shooting purposes, but there are no instructions on how to identify which filter is for what purpose. Does anyone know how to label them properly? Nathan
  4. Thank you Tyler and Stuart your information was spot on! :D
  5. Thank you so much Tyler! Do you have any idea what the cost would be?
  6. I recently purchased the expired Kodak Film Stock listed below and would like any suggestions on the best F-Stops for exposure. I plan to telecine to 1080p or 2K. Will be using a K-3 16mm camera. 7246-250D 7274-200T 7279-500T 7289-800T 7298-500T Thanks Nate
  7. Thank you so much Chris! You've been very helpful.
  8. Hello Chris, Thank you so much for your response. I would just like the project to be properly exposed and with some contrast, since it's a Slasher film. I'm doing to test shoot with your of suggestion of f5.6. Do you think a f4.0-f5.6 split will work as well? And when I test shoot, should I keep the Light Meter at 1/30? Thanks Nate
  9. I'm going to be shooting a Super 8 horror short with the Canon 1014XL and Kodak TRI-X B&W Reversal Film 7266. I did a pre-light at the location using an external light meter with specs of 160T and shutter 1/30. I got readings 2.0-2.8. We will be shooting at 24fps for digital transfer. My question is what is, what is a good shooting stop for Super 8, which will be transferred to 2k? <_< Nate
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