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  1. I would post pics but its a complete nightmare to actually achieve this. I have plenty of pics so message me if you want to see.
  2. Hi All. I have a nice set of Cooke speed panchro S2 lenses. 18, 25, 32, 40, 50, 75, 100mm. I also have a 18mm f1.7 cooke lens Lenses are all good except for 50mm which has a damaged iris Pictures enclosed. Fair price accepted. Regards
  3. Pictures of the actual mounts. Can anyone help identify them?
  4. I hold my hands up, the pic is pants. it was a phone pic on the run getting the kids ready for holiday. It was a rush job.
  5. Can anyone reveal the identity of the lens mount on this lens Thanks
  6. Can anyone reveal the identity of the lens mount on this lens Thanks
  7. Apologies for the awful pics. It has a 3 pin socket at the rear. I will try and add a pic
  8. Hi. Can anyone identify the lens mount. Thanks
  9. Can anyone identify this lens mount. Thanks
  10. Hi All. Can you help identifying the mounts on theses lenses...I am at a loss Thanks
  11. Hi All, Can anyone out there identify or offer some info on this Newman & Sinclair movie camera. Can't find it anything on google. It came with a Cooke Lens and x2 Angenieux lenses which suggests the camera was of a good standard. Thanks in advance
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