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  1. Thank you very much Dom! Exactly what I was looking for!
  2. Thanks for the reply Robin. I prefer to keep the camera as small and light as possible, so I'd like to stick with these batteries, even if it means I need more of them. They usually last about an hour or more. Im just not really sure what voltage the camera dies at specifically. Curious if anyone knows when that is so I can set my low battery voltage reminder a bit above there and avoid issues. Thanks!
  3. We've been shooting on our Mini for a bit now and have had the camera power down a couple times during operation. So far we haven't had any data loss but I have read about the potential to lose an entire card if the camera shuts down due to power loss. I have been looking around but have yet to find the recommended voltage to pull batteries at. We are using Anton Bauer Dionic HC and 90's, as well as the Switronix Hypercore Slim (75wh). Thanks for any insight!
  4. Got it, must have missed that. Thanks again David!
  5. That makes sense. I think I started to think that lowering the ISO affected DR after reading this article: http://www.provideocoalition.com/alexa_dynamic_range_its_all_in_how_you_use_it/ Towards the end it claims the Alexa has ~7 stops over and ~8 stops under at 800 and ~6/~8 at 400. Am I reading this wrong?
  6. Thanks so much David. Really appreciate your help. I'll definitely do some tests with the lower ISOs, as it sound like this is the way to go. If I were to go the LUT route, you would recommend just tweaking the knee or toe of the LUT rather than dropping the whole look by, say, a stop? Is there any benefit or drawback to this versus the ISO method?
  7. Hey guys, I wanted to see if I could get some opinions and perhaps guidance. I have recently switched over from Epic to Alexa. I am loving the camera but noticing that when using the built in LUTs, the image puts so much of its DR toward protecting highlights and thus has a little more noise than i might like in some scenarios. I have read a lot about shooting 400 ISO and from what I can tell it costs about a stop overall. That said, I have been doing some tests where I am exposing hotter than my waveform would suggest (monitoring in rec 709 and commercial) but without clipping in LOG. I find that once corrected the highlights usually still look amazing but the noise is much more like what i am looking for. I am wondering if there is a way to take the ARRI rec 709 lut down a stop and load it into the camera so that I will naturally expose a bit thicker of an image with cleaner shadows, without gaining down to 400. Of course, also open to opinions on why this might be a flawed idea, or whether it is essentially the same thing as shooting 400 haha. I just find my taste leans toward less noise in mid and shadows, and with the alexa image holding highlights so nicely, i'd prefer to "expose to the right" a bit more without having my images coming in so hot in premiere when the LUT is applied. Any thoughts/suggestions? Thanks, Steve
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