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  1. This is a Very Nice Eumig Mark S 810D High Quality Sound Super 8 and Regular 8 Projector wich includes the Rear Projection Adapter. These projectors are getting harder and harder to find especially in this good condition. I'm selling them together for $275. Plus Shipping. The Projector is by itself is $225 and you can buy the Rear Projection Adapter by itself for $125 if you want it. Everything is in Excellent Condition. Both Super 8 and Regular 8 Gates and Sprocket Gear Sets are included. Working Bulb. This is one of the Best Super 8 Projectors made. If you're looking for a projector to convert to a do-it-yourself film transfer unit this would be a good choice. It has a solid all metal construction and is gear driven with a once per frame rotating shaft.
  2. I'm dropping the price to $475 I need to sell it quickly. Contact me if you are interested. Thanks
  3. Asking $575 plus shipping. I'll post pictures soon.
  4. This is a very nice Super 8 Sound Recorder II. It's in Excellent Condition. It's useful for its unique ability to sync it's playback to almost any film camera even 1 f pulse per frame super 8 cameras. Great for music video production with non crystal controlled Super 8, 16mm, 35mm cameras. Comes with AC adapter and Leather case.
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