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  1. Thanks Dom. I love Cooke Speed Panchros and I believe the Kinetals are close so a kinetal would be a great purchase. Most kinetals I find online are Arriflex which I believe can be adapted to mft via adaptor. There is one by metabones that it's a bit expensive but there's another one by fotodiox which is a lot cheaper. Do you know the difference? Algo, would this option add considerable size to my setup? Thanks Tiago
  2. Hey guys, I just bought a used Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera (the original) and I was interested in turning this into a Bolex sort of camera. In order to do this and keeping the setup as light as possible, I'm looking for some good old vintage C-MOUNT cine lenses. I love the look of the Angenieux, Cooke, but this is a bit hit or miss when it comes to flange distance to the sensor, even with an adapter that recedes like the one I have. I wanted to get some suggestions on good C-mount lenses to get a good filmic S16 look. I'm also looking for sharpness (as much as one can ask from vintage glass) and great color. A few lenses I scouted: Angenieux 20-80 Type L5 Angenieux 17.5-70 Cooke 25mm Ivotal Cooke 20-100 Varotal thanks
  3. I know 15min is a bit too much but I would appreciate any thoughts and constructive criticism. 🙂 Cheers Tiago Pimentel
  4. Hey guys, Since lockdown slowed a lot of productions, I wanted to do a piece where I could only count on myself to do a short film in my place. It sounded so cool on paper, but I ended up calling my gaffer to help me on a couple of shots that needed some camera movement and light rigging (I couldn't move the camera and be in front of it at the same time). So I directed, DP'd, acted, etc on this. I'm still trying to bring it down to 15min to be more festival friendly (it's currently at 16min) and I wanted to get your opinion on this short film. https://vimeo.com/556700552 pass: pigs2021 Thanks for watching
  5. Hi, I was curious about the shot below. intuitively, it feels like the window is casting a shadow on the wall, but at the same time the frame of the window is casting a shadow on the curtains, which to me suggest the window is being lit from the inside. Can anyone break this lighting setup or your personal approach to this? https://i.ytimg.com/vi/AnJ0-Ts6gh4/hqdefault.jpg
  6. Thanks Joel. Glad you liked it. 😃
  7. Hey Tyler. Thanks. I shot this with my Ursa Mini 4.6k. There are quite a few anamorphic shots that I used my Isco ultrastar projection lens. I really like the combo.
  8. So my country went through a second lockdown and I decided to do a second documentary about my own family's experience, with our oldest daughter in e-school, both of us in remote work and a young toddler in need of attention. Hope you guys enjoy it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quZWPkPPx3o
  9. Hey guys, I'm using spot leds behind it such as the aputure 300d. I ended up selling the softbox and bought the angler boombox 48inch. I should get it tomorrow and the diffusion material, from the photos alone seemed a lot more convincing. Anyone has any experience with this softbox? Thanks
  10. Hi guys, I want to replace the cheap cloth that came with my octabox, but I'm undecided between silk or cloth. I want the best possible results on skin tones. Do you guys suggest silk or cloth? Thanks Tiago
  11. Hi AJ, Thanks for your help. In terms of vignetting is the fvd-16a smaller and more prone to it than the HCDNA? My camera is S35 and I can use it in double focus mode without vignetting.
  12. Hi guysI wanted a single focus solution for my Isco Gold because the one I have degrades the image significantly. I wanted the Hardcore DNA as it is supposed to be the best but I can't find a website anywhere. Anyone knows the company's contact?Thanks
  13. I shot this with the HBM. David, the glowing effect on the HBM is fixed, right? It comes from the 1/8 Black Frost, so if I'd shot this using a lighter HBM, the glowing would still be the same, correct?
  14. David, I feel that most modern sensors/lenses need some help to smooth a bit of the digital edge. I love my HBM 1/4 but it does call our attention to the highlights by halating (beautifully I must say). Maybe an Ultracon or a black diff fx would be interesting to try. Even though the Ultracon is not by definition a diffusion filter, I've read about some DPs using the UC2 to better match a Ursa mini to the Alexa.
  15. Hi, I've never used the DSC Labs One Shot chart to get accurate colors as I find a camera such as the Arri Alexa delivers incredibly forgiving footage even in odd lighting circumstances. But not all cameras are as forgiving, so I was thinking of giving this chart a try. Anyone uses it? How is it like in a Davinci Resolve workflow? Thanks
  16. David do you know what (if any) filters are used in netflix shows with a "modern" look such as Dark or Ozark? My feeling everytime I use a HBM or other diffusion filters with halation is that they immediately send me to a period piece or a very specific scene/mood.
  17. David, how would the Black Satin perform here? Closer to the black diff FX or the HBM?
  18. I don't have any experience with tiffen black diffusion fx. What strength should I pick for a close up if the intent is to take the edge off and just make a face look good without loss of apparent sharpness (ie eyes look sharp)? And none of that halation that give the effect away. As for halation with minimal softnening for wide shots, maybe a Hollywood blackmagic is a good choice? Thanks
  19. What would be an example of a good filter to create halation without diffusion in a wide angle (I always feel halation is a good way to hide the digital rolloff in highlights) and what would be a good filter that would do the opposite in a close up? Thanks
  20. Hey guys, In a time of quarantine and trying to live a new kind of "normal", I did a video/documentary of what it's like to work with two kids at home. Important to say that, since I'm doing this at home (and I don't own any lighting), no artificial lighting was used... Hope your like it and leave your feedback here 🙂
  21. Thanks Phil but actually, besides horizontal flare and oval bokeh, what I really like about anamorphic is the subtle image distortion because of the squeeze/desqueeze of the 2xfactor. Did you try the isco Red projection lenses?
  22. Hi guys, I'm looking into getting an affordable but real anamorphic look for some of my projects. I have an Ursa Mini camera Ef mount and my taking lenses will probably be contax Zeiss glass. I've tried the Slr magic anamorphot 2x but wasn't truly satisfied with it. After some reading the isco micro Red is supposedly the best "affordable" option. I quoted that because I can only find it in a store in the US and for a projection lens it's heavily priced (especially with the single focus system which is vital). What do you guys suggest? Thanks
  23. Thanks David. I already own a Hollywood Blackmagic 1/4 so buying a Tiffen Black Satin would be a bit redundant, right? Those Double Fog filters you mentioned look promising, but I can't find a "real world" video that shows that filter. Will look harder. Thanks!
  24. Thanks David! I was also curious about the Tiffen Black Satin. How is this filter different or similar to the Low/Ultra Contrast filters? Thanks
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