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  1. Richard, AGAIN, this is not a "job ad" as you describe it. That is 100% WRONG. It is a 50/50 partnership I am seeking. I fully respect what a DP would bring to the table and I would hope they would respect what I bring to the table as well, and I seek to produce projects together with them EQUALLY. So far 86 people have read it and no one has viewed it with negativity except you. Please enjoy your Sunday.
  2. Thanks Phil. I'm sorry that an ocean and 3000 miles of land separate us. :) I really do want a great partner. I've done a lot of legwork and believe we could have great success together in a 50/50 collaboration. P.S. I like your robot photo.
  3. Richard, Why? Do the years of work that I've put into my scripts, the acting talent that I have gotten interested in my projects, the meetings that I have worked and am working to get, my casting experience, my past producing experience, the distributors I can call, etc., my degree in graphic design and 15 years professional experience not seem to you like I am willing to pull my weight? I'm not trying to take anything from anyone.... I'm looking to share everything I have with my partner so we can be successful together. I bring a lot to the table as well. And I wish EVERYONE happiness and s
  4. WRITER/PRODUCER/VISUAL DESIGNER SEEKING DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY WITH HER/HIS OWN EQUIPMENT WHO CAN EDIT AND PRODUCE — TO PARTNER ON PRODUCTIONS Hello everyone! Thank you, in advance, for taking the time to read my post. If it interests you I look forward to hearing from you... if it doesn't then I simply wish you amazing success on all your projects. I cheer for everyone to get their TV and film projects made! Okay...I'm a writer and producer, and a visual designer. I have multiple completed feature scripts and many more ideas/treatments. I have an open invitation for a pitch meeting
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