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  1. Hello, I am in process of choosing glass for a project and I need to find a zoom lens that matches (or at least gets close to) Zeiss SS mk3 lenses. I was considering the old Ang 25-250. Does anybody have some tips on this? Ideally I will go to a rental house to test some lenses, however I would like to go with a better idea. Thanks!
  2. Hello! I'm going to scan a super16 project in a dpx 10bit uncompressed rgb and my question is if I still need to shoot grey card for each setup, knowing that all the color correction will be done afterwards. Also, do you guys recommend to follow all Kodak instructions, like shooting the aspect ratio card ok break the roll before a new setup (for grey card)? Thanks!
  3. Thank you so much for the extensive explanation, David. Now everything looks clearer!
  4. Hello, this is my very first post on this forum so first of all thank you all for having some time to read and answer this question. I'm going to shoot a project on S16 (arri 416 plus) next month and I don't have nearly the same experience with film than digital so I'm sorry if this sounds really newbie. Basically I'd like to know what's the real and usable dynamic range of kodak Vision3 and all the elements that affects it (print, scan, etc). I Research on this forum, internet and on Kodak's website and the numbers change considerably. Kodak says it's about 10-11 stops, then I read that the official number is 14 (this is hard to believe) and some friends told me it's about 7 stops (-3, +4). Also I wanted to know if the print and the scan are really important to save the dynamic range. I read a Kodak document that recommends to use 16bit scan when the stock is Vision3 to hold all the dynamic range in there. Also, which scanner do you recommend me? What I read the best one is DPX 16bit but it may be really expensive so I'd like to have a cheapest solution that can hold the DR of the film. Thanks!
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