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  1. Hello Greg Thanks for the comment and the feedback. Tristan is very much an independent singer/songwriter. You must have a very fine ear because Bob Dylan is actually one of his favorite artists. You can find him on http://tristanfaulkner.com/ What I tried to do with the story was to show a guy looking for this girl, giving the idea that there was a physical and metaphorically temporal distance between the characters, implying that this girl isn't really there, and at the end he never could find her. Of course, its way too complicated for me to express that to an audicience through a music video, but I think they got the idea.
  2. I did my first attempt at directing a music video for an english songwriter in France. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vL-DjKGCmEY I shot with a Canon 600D in the forest and mostly shot everything at 50fps to do some slow motion since I thought it would go right with the song. Also played the song at a high speed so that in postproduction the singer would be singing at the right tempo but with everything else in slow motion. Besides the shots from the story, I made my guy sing in a close up, in a mid shot from below, and also filmed the guitar in a close up
  3. A short montage video I did from the famous "artists district" in Paris, it includes Woody Allen music and reflects the bohemian feeling of this painters-filled part of town. https://youtu.be/Ca5jI4ESJQA
  4. Ca ptured my french city, its castle and some parts of london in this compilation. if you can, comment if i made a mistake in color correction https://youtu.be/j-Q9LJXMqpI
  5. I made a little compilation of the timelapses I took during a visit in Paris, France. I did not have my video camera in my disposal but I did the best I could. the youtube link is https://youtu.be/Pp8KDQm8yAA
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