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  1. Hey, everyone! I'm wondering how to light an area. Or, more specifically, how to color-balance it. I'm going to be shooting digital, but I'd also like the answers for (tungsten) film just to know in the future. I'm going to be filming in a particular bar (if all goes well—pray for me, please) which I've built the whole thing around. It has lamp lights and ceiling lights which appear to my eye to be incandescent, or else LEDs which look incandescent (I didn't check in the lamps). There are LED (?) panels which I'm told change color (I plan to work that in). And then there's the light from
  2. Okay, gang. At the very least, you have convinced me to hire a DP. And then a gaffer. I'm still looking into which camera to use. I should have an update for you guys with some pictures of the bar so that you can see what situation I'm working with, if that's okay. There are some tight spaces that I'd like to know if it's possible to fit X kind of camera behind. And I'd like an opinion on the lighting there. If it's not too much trouble. I should have that tomorrow. Thank you so much to everyone who's already responded!
  3. That last bit about the film lab in Atlanta was silly of me. I remembered that Google existed and I found one: http://crawford.com/film-processing/
  4. I'm replying to a couple of people here. I should mention one thing: I've got until the start of November to work on this, so there's a slight time crunch. I believe in myself a lot, but I don't believe in myself to the tune of dropping $50,000 on a camera package. I don't even have a car; a camera package would be a beautiful luxury. But it's a good idea! I'm just not sure that it's for me. But I will think about it. Either way, I won't start paying for film school (assuming I get in) until next year, so I have plenty of time to change my mind. My reasons for wanting t
  5. Thank you, everyone, for all your advice so far. And especially thank you for not making me feel dumb--my least favorite feeling. I'm going to respond to it and try to elaborate a bit. I'm not familiar with these forums and I started responding to Mr. Rhodes before I realized I wasn't sure if quoting multiple people using the Quote button would erase my work here, so I'm just going to post this response and then work on trying out that "Multiquote" feature. Mr. Rhodes, you intrigue me. I think I'll have to give hiring a DP a try. ...How does one do that? I assume the answer is not "Cr
  6. Hey there! I'm sorry if this is too many questions at once, but I figured it would be better to just lay my initial questions all out at once instead of peppering them throughout the thread over time. I graduated from college this May with an English degree and a minor in Communications, and I want to go to film school as a graduate student. In order to do this, I need a short film (I'd really like to go to USC). However, my university didn't/doesn't exactly have a cutting-edge film program, so I'm a little flustered. Here's a bit of background about my short film project. It concerns
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