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  1. ARRI AMIRA 5900hrs + 3month warranty Camera body (Premium license) VF Top Handle BPA V-Lock 18500USD
  2. SOLD OUT FS:Canon S16 8-64mm PL mount just back from TLS QC attila@filmgears.co.uk
  3. Canon 8-64 Pl mount Zoom S16 5000GBP attila@filmgears.co.uk
  4. ARRI AMIRA 5900hrs + 3month warranty Camera body (Premium license) VF Top Handle BPA V-Lock . 13000GBP=18500USD attila@filmgears.co.uk
  5. Hi Maceiej SOLD OUT already but I have another set Arri WCU4 wireless kit AMC1 Box 6 batts & 3xCharger 3x C Force Mini Motor Strap 5x Premarked Focus rings 6x Motor cables various lengths AMC power cable AMC to Amira control cable attila@filmgears.co.uk
  6. Very difficult to find one I have only ARRI SR3 for sale attila@filmgears.co.uk
  7. Hi James Can you contact with me on my email attila@filmgears.co.uk Thank you Attila
  8. Hi Olie I am based in Windsor I am very interested in your Aaton pls contact me at attila@filmgears.co.uk
  9. Hi Kyle I have Aaton LTR and Arri Sr3 for sale attila@filmgears.co.uk
  10. Hi Norman Can you share the details with me ? attila@filmgears.co.uk
  11. Yes I have John attila@filmgears.co.uk
  12. Hi Norman Pls contact with me I am based in Windsor UK attila@filmgears.co.uk
  13. How much is your budget Steve pls contact with me on attila@filmgears.co.uk
  14. Hi Steve I have ARRI SR3 in stock based in Windsor attila@filmgears.co.uk
  15. Dont you need ARRI SR3 Jeremy I have one attila@filmgears.co.uk
  16. ARRI Alexa viewfinder for all Alexa camera ( not for MINI ) 1000GBP attila@filmgears.co.uk
  17. Arriflex SR III Advance # 8004 IVS SR III # 4149 + Handgrip # 4101 + 2x Power Cable Case DC/DC-2 Coverter + Run Button Battery adapter for SR III Bridge Plate BP-6 + Base Plate + Rods 440mm Groundglass S16 HDTV 1:1.78 Heated Eyecup HE-3 + 2x Cable KC-27 Viewfinder extension FE-2 Remote Switch RS-4 4 pcs Battery Charger 2-times Case Magazine Magazine SR III Magazine SR III Magazine SR III Barcode 14000GBP+VAT for UK costumers attila@filmgears.co.uk
  18. Hi Ethan Still have one for sale attila@filmgears.co.uk CANON 6.6-66 SUPER 16 T2.7 PL MOUNT ZOOM LENS
  19. I have one in LONDON , UK attila@filmgears.co.uk
  20. Hi Ezra Do you still have the WCU-4? attila@filmgears.co.uk
  21. Sony Venice Full Frame Camera 6K (FF/High-Frame License) Full Frame/High-Frame licenses Anamorphic license Hour: Around 3000 hours Card reader AXS-R7 recorder Viewfinder PL Mount 2xAXS 512GB S24 2x AXS 512GB S48 1xAXS 1TB Movcam baseplate with shoulder pad V mount Flight case 3 month warranty 41.000GBP
  22. For sale : ARRI WCU-4 handheld unit with 3 pcs of batteries, pelicase 5000GBP attila@filmgears.co.uk
  23. Hi Dinesh Do you still have the Supreme Set for sale? attila@filmgears.co.uk
  24. Hi Matt Also from London 🙂 1 x K2.47564.0 ARRI Ultra16 14/T1.3,m I have attila@filmgears.co.uk
  25. ARRI ALEXA LF ( 1260 hrs ) Camera body + Arri EVF 2 + EV/PLUS/W/LF Accessories set + WVR-1+ FSND filters 4pcs Codex SXR-1TB card for Alexa SXT/LF 1pcs Lector tarjetas Codex Capture Drive dock 2.0 para SXR Thunderbolt2 43000GBP attila@filmgears.co.uk
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