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  1. Hi Andrew I have ARRICAM LT pls contact with me on attila@filmgears.co.uk
  2. Case for ARRI 235 1 ARRI 235 Camera Body 1 ARRI 235 Sucher 1 ARRI Rubber Eyecup for 435ES and Alexa Studio 1 ARRI 235 IVS Processor (PAL) 1 ARRI LMS-1 Low Mode Support for 235 1 ARRI BP-8 Bridge Plate for 19mm Rods 1 ARRI Bottom Dovetail 300mm / 12" (Balance Plate)
  3. Camera comes in a flight case with two mags, à charger and a few spare fuses, and the beautiful wooden hand grip.
  4. Zeiss CP 25mm T/2.9 | PL Mount | Cine Lens 2500EUR
  5. K0.60005.0 1 ARRICAM Lite (LT) with Lite Viewfinder 4 Perforation movement Lite universal finder Lite Universal Eyepiece Film gate Universal Aperture Format Mask (ANSI) 4 perf
  6. SR3 Advanced package I have attila@filmgears.co.uk
  7. The camera is in good condition and has been fully tested and checked. With High speed Licence. Its supplied in custom made flight case with : Arri Wedge Adapter WA-1 (K2.72002.0-WA-1) ARRI - K2.72017.0 Leveling Block (LB-1) 5pin xlr to 2 x 3pin xlr Sxs card reader and power adaptor + cable ARRI - K2.72083.0 Shoulder Pad (SP-4) Arri ALEXA VEB-3 Viewfinder Extension Bracket ARRI KC 154-SP-S A (K2.72031.0) 12V Coiled Accessory Cable for Alexa - connects the 12V camera socket (Lemo 2 pin) to any accessory with an XLR 4 pin socket. 2 pin lemo to 3 pin xlr ARRI ALEXA 12V Accessory Cable KC 154-S –
  8. RED RAVEN KET FOR SALE 443hrs for 9500GBP
  9. We have Zeiss CP.2 50mm Super Speed (T1.5) PL 3500USD
  10. Yes, 12mm Zeiss Distagon High Speed Prime Lens T1.3
  11. Original ARRI-B mount, upgraded to PL (adapter from RAF camera) - Focus Gears - Focal Length: 12mm -Sensor coverage: S16 -Fungus? : NO -Scratches on lens? : NO -Oil on an aperture blade? : NO -Lens separation? : NO -Lens haze? : NO -Smooth iris ?: YES -Smooth focus ring: YES -Cosmetic condition: 8-9 -Mechanical condition: 9+ -Optical condition: 9+ 1800USD
  12. 1x SR III Advance + Ground glass 1x Bridge Plate 19mm 1x On board battery adapter 1x IVS SRIII complete 1x RS adapter + run button 2x Magazine SRIII 8000EUR
  13. 1pc-ARRI Alexa XT Plus camera Licences: 4:3 sensor mode,Open Gate Prores,DnxHd,ARRIRAW 1pc-Top handle 1pc-HEB-1 Handle extension 1pc-Viewfinder bracket 1pc- VEB-3 Viewfinder extenson bracket 1pc-EVF-1 viewfider 1pc-V-mount adaptee 1pc-Leveling block 1pc-BP-12 Bridge plate 1pair-19/240mm rod 1pair-19/440mm rod 1pc-Shoulder pad 1pc-Rain cover 1pc-Wievfinder short cable 1pc-Wievfinder long cable 2pcs-Power cable 1pc-Audio input cable 1pc-Timecode in/out cable 1pc-Carrying case 1pc-Codex capture dri
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