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  1. Arri Alexa MINI Viewfinder with cable ( NEW ). 4500GBP attila@filmgears.co.uk
  2. Arri Alexa Classic W/Highspeed Top handle Around 3800 hours Baseplate Gold mount EVF Pl Mount 2pcs 64 gig SXS 2pcs 32 gig SXS Alexa Case 3pcs gold mount batteries Very nice condition !! 4500GBP attila@filmgears.co.uk
  3. I have one in London UK attila@filmgears.co.uk
  4. LOWER THE PRICE Panther Classic Dolly - new turnstile and seat assembly - new control panel and board Pneumatic Wheels Set Soft Studio Wheels Set Wheel Changing Tool Batteries Sets (2 pcs per set, renewed) Battery Chargers Eccentric Seats Connecting Pins, 25mm Seat Extension, 10cm Seat Extension, 20cm Seat Extension, 30cm Seat Extension, S-Curved, 10cm Seat Extension, S-Curved, 20cm Seat Extension, S-Curved, 30cm Double Seat Adaptor Seat Bracket Compact Platforms Set (4 pcs) Running Board Platform Small Steering Rod Steering Rod Steer-Out Extension Short Wheel Locking Bar Long Wheel Locking Bar Counter Balance Rod Mitchell 4-Way Leveller Super Jib II complete set High-Low Rig 15kg Weights Eccentric Seat 43.000USD
  5. Hi Stefan We have a Aaton LTR for sale in London UK attila@filmgears.co.uk
  6. Just heard from somebody but maybe I was wrong Is it still for sale Norman? attila@filmgears.co.uk
  7. I think its SOLD OUT attila@filmgears.co.uk
  8. Location Location !!! If you would like to shoot in Budapest ( Hungary ) see the beautiful images you can get back 30% from the government so every 100USD what you spend it is 30% cheaper here . Pls let me know if you are interested in
  9. Arri Alexa MINI LF ( 12 month warranty ) K1.0036846 1x K2.0018983 ARRI LPL Mount ALEXA Mini/AMIRAK0.0024311 ALEXA Mini LF MVF-2 set K2.0020916 ALEXA Mini LF Multi Viewfinder MVF-2 ( BRAND NEW ) K2.0023915 Cable VF (0.35m/1.15ft) K2.0023943 Cable VF (0.5m/1.5ft) 1x 15mm Reduction Insert 1x Bottom Dovetail Plate 300mm/12in 1x RAB-1 Rear Accessory Bracket 1x MAB-2A Mini Adaptor Plate 1x MSB-3 Mini Side Bracket 1x MSB-2 Mini Side Bracket 1x KC-50 AMIRA Power Cable Straight 2m/6.6in 1x CBP-1 19mm Compact Bridge Plate 1x RAB-1 Clamp 2 1x CCH-2 Centre Camera Handle 1x MVB-1 Mini Viewfinder Bracket 1x RMB-3 Rod Mounting Bracket 1x LPL-PL adapter 55KGBP=75KUSD
  10. We have Aaton LTR in London UK attila@filmgears.co.uk
  11. Arri Alexa MINI VF with mounting bracket 5000GBP attila@filmgears.co.uk
  12. Hi Brad Might have another set coming in if you are still looking for SR3 pls let me know attila@filmgears.co.uk
  13. Hi Olle It is from Germany ( Munich ) and I can offer you 3 month warranty lens already sold out about one month ago it was with Arri rental for test reason attila@filmgears.co.uk
  14. Sorry just add the price attila@filmgears.co.uk
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