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  1. Thanks for the advice guys! Really appreciate it. Digged around a bit more about theses BCBs and found this more reliable looking review: http://www.provideocoalition.com/review-broadcast-camera-batteries/ What do you think? I'm still leaning more towards these because they are more affordable for me than even the switronix ones (though not by much) and they have a "universal" charger that can charge both gold/v-mount, so regardless of which one I go with the charger will work. I think I'll go with gold mount though, didn't see a price difference between them, so might as well go with the industry standard on that one.
  2. Hi, I'm completely new to this, sorry if this is a newb questions, but wanna make sure I'm not messing anything up. So I got an Ursa Mini for Christmas (this is my first camera) and looked around for some batteries and decided on BCBs 'cause they look simple and affordable enough. Now the question is, they have mounts for both gold and v-mount with matching plates and I'm wondering which one to get / how to properly apply the plates so I can mount the battery. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Will Edit: Found BCBs at http://www.comparebroadcastbatteries.com/ if anyone's wondering what they are.
  3. Hey Michael, Pretty fun videos, congrats! Loved the drop test part, especially the way that PAG just opened up in ep4. Are you guys planning to test more batteries? If so I have 2 recommendations: BCB and Beillen. I found them on this site: http://www.comparebroadcastbatteries.com/ and considering them as a cheaper alternative to AB. Would be cool to have them stress tested like the AB and IDX.
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