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  1. Thanks for the heads up! Ill check it out now.
  2. Ill give that a shot Andy. Thanks for your help everyone!
  3. I tried changing the batteries but still no luck. I believe it is Duracell Power Plus AAs I am using. I was considering trying to source an 9V power pack to use as an alternative.
  4. No, its not working without the cartridge either. The cue light comes on, and stays on, when I turn the switch to the R position. Also, the battery light isnt coming on when I press the battery check button. However the batteries are brand new and are successfully powering my small led light panel.
  5. I tried taking the cartridge out and putting it back in but it still refused to run. It was a pretty cold day. I'm not sure if that had anything to do with it. Thanks, Chris! I appreciate your reply. Having a look for a new one now.
  6. Hey folks, I've been shooting on my Canon 514 XL-S for about a year or so now and I haven't had any problems with it. I'm also very new to using film cameras, so I am a bit clueless. I was in the middle of shooting today and the camera stopped working out of the blue. At first I thought it was the batteries but, when I tested them, they were still full of energy. The contacts on the camera were clean and free of corrosion but I was getting nothing out of the camera. I had a small digital camera mounted to the top of the 514, so I have a sound recording of the moment the camera stopped working. https://soundcloud.com/kevinwalls/super-8-canon-514-xl-s Does anyone know what could have happened? Thanks! EDIT: When I turn the switch to the 'R' position I can hear a faint high pitched whining coming from the camera.
  7. Thanks, Bill. That link is very useful indeed. I'm sure it'll be a great resource :)
  8. Thanks for your feedback, Michael. I regret not giving her cheek a bit of fill as I feel the shadow is far too pronounced. With regards to the background on camera-right, I wish I had done something to illuminate the table a bit. I had used all of my available lights at this point but I hoping to borrow a few additional lights for future shoots. Thanks for the tip about accentuating the candle! I'll keep that in mind. Your feedback has been really useful. I appreciate it.
  9. Thanks, Macks. I hear you. I have a few interviews lined up in the new year so I'll keep the consistency of the lighting in mind for those shoots. Thanks for your time.
  10. Sorry I should have mentioned it was two different interviews. I know what you mean about the eyeline. The room was tiny and I was sat on a box next to the camera. I'm fairly tall so I guess that's why it looks like she is looking upwards. I'll definitely keep this is mind for my future interviews. In terms of the lighting, they're both quite big characters with some tales and theories that I guess some might say are a little out there. I do want to have fun with it but, I agree, I think the colours might be a bit too bold. Thanks for taking the time to reply. I really appreciate it.
  11. Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to cinematography, and working with cameras in general, but I'm keen to learn as much as I can. I'm currently working, as a one-man band, on a no-budget paranormal documentary and I was wondering if someone could critque a few screenshots from my film and give me some pointers. I was shooting with two DSLRs; a Canon 600d (T3i) with a Canon 24mm EF-S lens, for my wide, and a 550d (T2i) with a Canon 50mm EF lens, for my close. For lighting I had a PhotoSEL LES600, a Yongnuo YN-600L and 3 Neewer CN160s. Thanks in advance!
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