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  1. Yeah, I understand that. I just feel twice as worried/scared about getting a job since I'm an international student. Thanks for the advice!
  2. Thank you very much for your replies! One more question: Do you guys actually think that I can still work in the film industry with a Business BA + my media communications associate and digital film making minor? Thank you!
  3. Hi guys! Let me introduce myself, I am an international student in Arizona and currently I am in college majoring in Media Communications. When I transfer to a university I was thinking about getting a bachelor's degree in General Business or Management (still have to decide which one's better for me), also I thought about getting a minor in Digital Film making, and a minor in English focused in Creative Writing or Rhetoric and Professional Communication (still have to decide which one's better for me). I thought about this because the film making industry isn't all about just knowing how
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