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  1. Tyler, I see you've used the BMPCC in a few other shoots. Curious what you think of the MetaBones Speedbooster. I currently have no lenses so I'm not beholden to any mount style. I have a few photo lenses at work I'd have access to but that's it. I'm leaning towards MFT to use the krasnogorsk lenses as well as some other vintage lenses that have adapters due to generally cheaper pricing when looking at cine lenses. is the SpeedBooster worth the extra cash for an extra stop of light and reduced crop factor? I plan on shooting mainly with practicals and small lighting rigs indoors so I should have pretty solid control of lighting. My biggest fear is not having a wide enough lens for indoor shoots with the magnification.
  2. Awesome! Thanks for the quick replies David and Kenny.
  3. Hello all, Long time stalker, first time poster. So I'm hoping to invest in a BMPCC in the nest 12 months for personal projects and I've been having trouble understanding crop factor. From what I understand, putting an EF lens on the BMPCC will create a crop factor of 2.88 because the lens was meant for a 35mm camera. But what about lenses meant for the MFT sensor? Will the Vega-9 50mm on an MFT sensor look the same as the Canon 50mm on a full frame sensor? Or does the crop factor apply even when the lens was designed with the smaller mount/sensor in mind? Sorry if that has been covered before but I couldn't find any concrete answers. Cheers, -Nik
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