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  1. Hey guys, so I have a shoot that requires a shot at the bottom of the ocean. I wont have access to a tank but I may have access to an aquarium (a very big one lol) I can easily make it pass for ocean. however! ive never shot similar and im wondering what lighting ill need to replicate a bit of sun coming through the water in the lower angle shots. the aquarium is 11m deep. Is there a rule for falloff in water? thanks ! K
  2. Has any one ever lit a car for sunset after its already dark on location? There are a few ways I can think of with large set ups or in a studio but in this case im looking for more of an on the go shoot with my largest light being a 1.2 my concern is that i want to avoid the light looking like a street light . I need to make sure there is enough ambient daylight. any thoughts would be much appreciated. thanks
  3. hey guys, A relitively simple one, I would just like to double check with you all in case theres something im missing. I have a shoot coming up where we are going to have a series of babies 'talk' to camera. Plan is a white cyc setup up with a super soft source bounced above and over camera and then fill from pretty much all sides and a bit from below. Ill shoot on the alexa mini with cooke glass wide open. any thoughts beyond the above? or any experiences people want to share? thanks! kris
  4. hey guys, thanks. The hospital (dentist office) was mainly white, I chose an angle of the room and bounced an M18 into it. I played and shaped it until it filled the room evenly with a nice level of ambient light. Sometimes this provided a nice key (like on the woman above) then I created neg fill for a tiny bit of contrast. if it didnt create enough for a key like in the image in the below link of the doctor, I keyed above the ambient . I'm not super technical or full of theory so I dont always know whats 'technically' right or wrong. I just go with what looks good. Im trying to learn more technical from experience The combination of alexa and cooke glass helped achieve this look and is my favorite combo for anything with a human element. I keyed with either a 1.2 PAR or an 800 joker. these and the 2.5 are the only 3 lights i had on set. lots of flags and rags and a slider and that was it. heres a link to a couple more images http://imgur.com/a/GzrRZ hope you like them Kris
  5. thanks guys,. Heres one of the final result. I have more but uploading is limited. feedback is welcome. :)
  6. hi guys, I'm shooting a dentist clinic for a hospital coming up next week. Its in a high rise building. Lots of south facing windows and all the walls are bright white inside . The main challenge is very limited space everywhere, lots of the rooms are super small and poky. I need a very clean bright look, nothing dramatic. Anyone got any thought/ideas for setups? ill probably blow out the windows with some diffusion on them. My main concern is working the space as I dont have the luxury of unlimited options. I dont think led panels overhead will beat the sun even indirect sunlight with diffusion.. looking forward to your thoughts! thanks!!
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