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  1. Thanks a lot Chris and Tyler for your feedback, much much appreciated!
  2. Aaton XTR Prod on a tripod/hi-hat in moving car; the road is fairly smooth, and we'll be driving at around 40kph (~25mph), no bumps or potholes. Can anyone advise as to whether there is still a high risk of dropped frames, film moving out of position, or any other issues I should be foreseeing? Many thanks.
  3. Thank you everyone for the responses, very much appreciated. My main reason for shooting 3.2K or UHD is the (slightly) larger sensor area used and the ensuing larger angle of view. Also, through my experience with originating in 4K (on different cameras) and downscaling to 2K, I've noticed a slightly sharper image than a 2K origination, which I normally like. As David said, I was indeed wondering about the scaling pre-ProRes, and whether it mattered. But tests are definitely in order.
  4. Thanks Kenny for the reply. Yes I am aware of that, but are you sure the downsampling to 2K would still be similar? Since neither of these larger resolutions is a multiple of the 2K 1.85 resolution, I'm just curious about the way they get downsampled, and whether one would downsample better than the other - even though the UHD is scaled up from 3.2K. Thanks again.
  5. Hello, I am shooting a short film on the Arri Amira. We will be finishing in 2K 1.85:1 (1998x1080) but I am considering filming at a higher resolution, either 3.2K or UHD (Pro Res 4444 XQ). My question is, does anyone know if either of these 2 resolutions would downsample better than the other to 2K 1.85:1? This step would happen in Resolve. It would probably be better for us to shoot at 3.2K for data management purposes but I want to make sure that we're not compromising anything. Does anyone have any thoughts on the subject? Thanks.
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