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  1. Hi all, All the leatherette is present. The"U" in Beaulieu on the name plate is scuffed. Otherwise extremely clean. The motor purrs nicely. I need to run some film through it soon. Besides loving the way it looks, I do not need the motors, especially if the meter is not going to work. No need for a power zoom. Is it difficult to remove the motors? Would I still need to have the lens calibrated to work with this camera? I also have a Fujica ZC1000 with the Fujinon Wide Angle c-mount prime. Will this need to be calibrated (flange adjusted?) in order to work on my ZM4? Besides exp
  2. Thank you Justin for the reply. The camera was $50 so worth the risk. Now I need a decent light meter app, I guess. I wonder what I can do to get the lens to mount more cleanly. Regardless they are beautiful design pieces and the obtaining of a childhood dream.
  3. Hello, I have added a 4008ZM4 I bought on Ebay. No lens. I tried to mount the Angenieux 8-64 from my ZM on the ZM4 but it doesn't sit properly; it is short a 1/4 rotation from the two motors sitting flush with the body. It mounts just fine on the ZM. Additionally, while the motor seems to be running fine the light meter doesn't budge. Not even when I flick the dial to TEST. The needle just stays pegged in the "low" position. There isn't a separate battery for the light meter, correct? I have an Ebay battery, that works well on the ZM. Is the battery contact that is to the right/center/t
  4. Hello again Dom, I have a 4008ZM. It does not have the slotted shaft like on other version (that can take the rewind knob). I am still waiting for the delivery of the battery. Do you know any other way to manually advance the movement? Thank you, Bruce
  5. Hi Dom, Thank you for the amazingly thorough reply. I will try a few of your suggestions when I get to work on Monday. I ordered a battery kit from Ebay. Homemade job; price it right and looks good. Fingers crossed. Sincerely, Bruce
  6. Hi, I hope someone can help answer a few questions. I just received a very mint condition looking Beaulieu 4008ZM with the Angenieux 8-64mm. This was won in an online live-bid auction a month or so ago (a large number of Super 8 cameras from a collector). It looks great but I don't have a clue if it works as it didn't come with a battery (not even a non-working one). Here is what I've discovered: - I can't see an image thru the viewfinder. From the posts I've read I am presuming it is because the shutter is in the down position. - I need to purchase some sort of battery. Looking on the
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