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  1. Hi guys. I am a cinematogrpher from South korea. I am going to shoot a short film with red one. And I want to use handheld with zooming through all the film. and also I am going to use wireless focusing system. But I haven't found what kind of camera set up for my film would be fine. Many times I have seen good shots using zooming and handheld from hollywood film. But I haven't figured how they did mechanically. Because of weight of zoom lense, I also worry about the balance of camera. ( I am thinking about using Zeiss VP1 series - Is it good option for my setup? ) In short, Questions are 1. best setup for handheld with zoom lense 2. Is it possibe that I could deal with wireless focusing and zooming 3. finally, so how about the balance of camera? If you know something about my question,Please help me out. Plesse forgibe my poor english~~ Thanks. best regards. Byun.
  2. hi There. I am Ben from korea. I am working on a Short film which is shooting with 35mm at the moment. My D.P is using Black Promist all the time during the shooting. But we are confused with the use among 1/8, 1/4, 2/1, 1. What is the right thing to use accroding to the shot? For example, When I shoot wide shot( 18mm~25mm ) , I think I gotta use Black Promist 1. Does this use depend on the focal length, the part of highlight, the distance, or the size of shot ? I think I have to use promist according to the part of highlight. Am I right? I am sure you guys know about this. Please help me out. ~~
  3. Hi I am from south korea. I am a camera assistant. we gonna use Fuji film soon for feature. My Dop is looking for some major or famous features which used Fuji recently. By seeing those, it should be very good help for this feature. I know most features use usually Kodak. So it's not easy to find those kind of film which only use Fuji for entire film. If you know any film like that, could you let me know?
  4. :D Hi Everyone. My name is Wheesun From South Korea. I just started film work for feature. I am a camerea assistant. This time we are gonna use BL evolution for the feature. So i am looking for that manual. I ve been to P+S Thechik website which made BL evolution. But i couldn't download that manual. Who has that? If someone have it, please let me know where i can find it. Thank you for reading I am really happy to find this website.
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