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  1. Hey, Thank you both for sharing! I appreciate the insight especially since I haven't used either. If the Bolt could send an additional signal over wifi to connect to the app, I wouldn't even be posting this. I'm going to give the Cube a try. I think doable is the key word here and it looks like a a great intermediate cost effect middle point between adding wireless monitoring and buying a nice monitor...which of course I hope to obtain down the road. Thanks again for chiming in! I'll try to remember to report back :)
  2. Greetings, Has anyone here attempted follow focus work from a Teradek Cube and an iPad? According to Teradek, there is only a one frame delay, which I think would be very doable for bigger depth of field focusing and other less critical situations. Any experience, feedback, and or advice is appreciated. Thanks, Bryan Matuskey
  3. Thanks for the comments! I was aware that these were AU made and not clones. I appreciate the comments about build quality and testimony from Grieg Fraser. Has anyone on this forumn used them first hand and also Arri's LED lights? Would love to know how they compare, in terms of reliability, color rendition (they claim cri 95; which i believe is the same as Arri), also dmx or wireless controls including flickering and color.
  4. I own an Arri L10 and love it. So versatile, low power consumption, great quality, etc. I want to get more LED lighting and just discovered Outsight and wanted to see if any one here has used their lighting before. I didn't see any reviews on B&H or Google searching. If you have any info, I would greatly appreciate. The two models I am looking at are: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1269263-REG/outsight_css_1200_c_1200w_creamsource_sky_head.html https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1269215-REG/outsight_k_cs_2_b_ess_creamsource_doppio_bender_bi_color_led.html The Creamsource Sky looks amazing if it actually outputs equivalent to a 5k tungsten, not to mention the flicker and full color options. Thanks for any feedback! -Bryan
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